Chairman Steve Hopkins Speaks at Take MS Back Event

On Thursday evening Mississippi Freedom Caucus Chairman Steve Hopkins stepped into the pulpit at Riverside Church in Flowood and gave a fiery speech to nearly 250 patriots from all over Mississippi who have pledge to get involved to “Take Mississippi Back.”

Chairman Hopkins stated, “I’m not here to make you feel good, what I’m here to say is going to make you mad… your enemy in Jackson isn’t [one person], it’s what President Trump calls the swamp. And the swamp is full of RINOs, Democrats, and bureaucrats.” Hopkins pledged that the Freedom Caucus would never vote to raise taxes or do anything that would increase the size of government, but that the Caucus would do everything in their ability to protect our God given freedoms and liberties.

Hopkins went on to encourage the people to get involved in the grassroots movement by holding their legislator accountable because “there is nothing politicians fear more than an angry voter.” The Chairman concluded by stating “We need more Liberty-minded candidates to consider running for office, people who will protect the rights of the people, and not the powerful… and that’s how we take our state back, one vote at a time.”

Senator Chris McDaniel also spoke at the event following Chairman Hopkins.