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If you are an elected official or seeking political office and want the support of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus please complete and submit the questions below. Once we have reviewed your answers we will schedule a meeting to discuss your views and if the Caucus can help you in your next election. Membership in the Mississippi Freedom Caucus is by invitation only and all prospective members must be approved by the membership and the steering committee.

Member Survey
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Would you ever vote for a budget that increased spending over the prior years budget? *
Which of the following projects would you vote to use state funds to bring to your community?
Occupational licensure is a requirement affecting 1 in 4 workers in the US. Which of the following professions should require a license to operate?
Respond to the following scenario: A Fortune 500 company is proposing to bring a new factory, and 20,000 new jobs, to your district. In exchange, they are asking for a 5-year property tax abatement, a lifetime 1% corporate income tax credit for every 10,000 jobs created, and a 70% discount on a plot of government land on the proposed build site. Would you vote in favor of this deal?
In your opinion what is the largest issue facing Mississippi? How do you propose the state address that issue?
Which of the following health care and welfare policies would you support?
Do you support the use of school vouchers or Educational Savings Accounts to enable parents to opt out of public schools in favor of alternative education such as for-profit online curriculum, independently operated private schools, and/or homeschooling?
Do you suppport?
Do you support reforms to qualified immunity which shields government officials from being held liable for misconduct? For example, a police officer exercises a no-knock warrant on the wrong house and kills the occupant when he awoke and met the officer with a handgun. Should the officer be held criminally or civilly liable?
Do you support the death penalty?
Would you support legislation that restored gun ownership rights to some felons?
Many public universities have unconstitutional speech polices that restrict or otherwise violate freedom of speech. These include “free speech zones” (policies designed to contain speech within a specified area on campus), restrictions on student groups’ ability to choose who speaks on their behalf, and policies that actively punish students for expressing opinions that defy so-called “protected speech.” If elected, will you champion legislation like the FORUM Act to protect fee speech on college campuses?