Don’t Sell-Out Mississippian’s Healthcare

In 2020 big Pharma had $1.27 trillion in sales worldwide.  Out of the 195 nations that exist today, that dollar amount is greater than the GDP of 182 of them. In the United States alone, pharmaceutical and health companies spend an average of $233 million a year lobbying your federal government. That should be a huge red flag to the American people.  That amount goes up even more when you factor in the level of dollars spent lobbying state governments. There are 1,274 registered pharmaceutical lobbyist in Washington DC alone.  This particular industry spends more money lobbying your government at the federal and state level than any other industry that exists. Ask yourself why?

If the last two years have taught us anything, it has taught us that  there are powerful forces out there that want absolute control over both your body and personal liberty. Those that stand to make the most from this particular tyranny is big Pharma, and the politicians who line their pockets from their close association.

On November 28th  of this year, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves nominated Dr. Lee Ann Griffin, a medical outcome specialist for Pfizer to head a post at the Mississippi State Board of Health.  Our state board of health provides policy direction, along with our state health plan, as well as approves all rules and regulations of our health department.  In addition, they appoint and oversee the state health officer (currently Dr. Thomas Dobbs). 

For anyone who’s job is being threatened because their employer is following the Biden vaccine mandate understands that when politicians mix their political desires with big business the people always lose.  For anyone denied specific requested Covid treatments by your personal physician during the pandemic, because of the undue pressure applied to them by our state health director and the board, this should anger you. For anyone who believes politicians have already given the pharmaceutical industry too much power in driving our healthcare system and your personal health choices and liberty, then you MUST let your elected leadership know right now.

Send an email with the form provided below to both the Governor and your state Senator.  Ask Governor Reeves to pick another nominee, and for the Mississippi Senate to reject this current appointment.  

Do not allow politicians to sell your healthcare system. Do not allow someone with a clear conflict of interest to make decisions that are bad for Mississippi.

Complete form below to send letter to Senators and Governor,

Governor Reeves and Senators,

I am emailing asking you to deny the confirmation of Lee Ann Griffin to the State Board of Health.

As you know, our state board of health provides policy direction, along with our state health plan, as well as approves all rules and regulations of our health department. In addition, they appoint and oversee our state health officer.

Griffin is an employee of Pfizer Pharmaceutical, her decisions on the State Board of Health will directly affect her employer. I believe this is a conflict of interest and would not serve the people of Mississippi.

Please vote against the confirmation of Lee Ann Griffin. The people of Mississippi deserve a State Board of Health whose loyalty is only the people not a large corporation.

For Freedom,

Stop Nomination of Lee Ann Griffin