You may have noticed that the Mississippi Freedom Caucus has not been in contact with our members and supporters for about a month. The reason for that is we were censored! Our email service provider decided we were in violation of their “policies”. We have been in a battle for over a month to have our account reactivated but it was to no avail. They seemed determined to cancel our account, and we are certain it was simply because they did not like our political views.

The Mississippi Freedom Caucus was not unprepared for this type of action and had backed up our list of almost 100,000 supporters in Mississippi. You read that correctly, you are a part of almost 100,000 conservatives in Mississippi who are fighting for conservative values and freedom. 

You are not alone in this fight and the Mississippi Freedom Caucus is doing everything in our power to ensure your voice is heard in local, state, and national government. We have moved our list to a new service so we can continue to communicate with you and keep you informed. 

But we fear this is only a temporary solution. We don’t know if the new provider will find a way to cancel our service. 

We need a permanent solution! 

The Mississippi Freedom Caucus is in discussions with another email service that is not linked to big tech liberal ideologies. This company supports the conservative principles that you and I believe in and defend. But this service, while more powerful that other email services, is significantly more expensive. We have negotiated the best price we think possible but it will still cost $7500/year.

This new service will give us greater ability to communicate with the conservative people of Mississippi and provide you with the ability to communicate directly with your government representatives. 

We need your help!

Please consider a donation to support the fight against liberals trying to cancel your voice. Conservatives must continue to spread the message of Liberty and Freedom across our state.