Mississippi Freedom Caucus Elects New Officers

The Mississippi Freedom Caucus has held its biennial elections for leadership positions.  The new officers of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus are;
Rep. Dana Criswell, Chairman
Rep. Brady Williamson, Vice-Chairman
Rep. Dan Eubanks, Secretary/Treasurer

In early 2020 a small group of like-minded legislators had an idea to form an organization on conservative policy that joined legislators and citizens together.  This group choose Rep. Steve Hopkins as chairman because of his proven ability to organize groups and build successful organizations. During Rep. Hopkins’ tenure as chairman the Mississippi Freedom Caucus has grown from a simple idea to become a leader of conservative policy in Mississippi and across the country.

In late 2021 Rep. Hopkins began communicating with leaders of the U.S. House Freedom Caucus that eventually led to the Mississippi Freedom Caucus becoming one of the first state caucus’ to officially affiliate with the State Freedom Caucus Network.

Through this affiliation the Mississippi Freedom Caucus has grown to include a full-time State Freedom Caucus Network executive director, a steering committee including three non-politician members, and an active list of conservative citizens in Mississippi totaling nearly 100,000 individuals.

In the two years during Rep. Hopkins tenure as Chairman, the Mississippi Freedom Caucus has produced over 60 blog post, 20 press releases, and sent over 1 million emails to citizens.

Members of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus are regular guests on local talk radio in the Jackson, MS and Memphis, TN areas.  And in February 2022 Rep. Steve Hopkins was on the national Glenn Beck Radio Program discussing a bill the Mississippi Freedom Caucus successfully killed that would have expanded eminent domain rights to an unelected board located in Tennessee.

When asked about the transition Rep. Criswell said, “I am grateful to Steve for the hard work and unwavering leadership he provided to launch the Mississippi Freedom Caucus.  Without his leadership, dedication, and hard work we would not exist.  I plan to build on his work and take the Mississippi Freedom Caucus to the next level of success.”

In a similar fashion to the U.S. House Freedom Caucus, the Mississippi Freedom Caucus does not disclose the full list of its members and membership is by invitation only. 

The Mississippi Freedom Caucus was founded by elected officials who believe in freedom and liberty for the people of Mississippi. We are the voice for citizens who want bold action to protect life, strengthen families, defend our constitutional rights, limit government, and revitalize personal and economic freedoms in the state of Mississippi.