MSDH Director Dobbs calls Mississippians Nazis and Monkeys

What happens when a bureaucrat is suddenly given notoriety and unlimited power over your life and personal decisions? Well, the answer is never anything good. We’ve seen it play out with Dr. Anthony Fauci, and now it appears to have replicated itself in Mississippi State Department of Health Director Dr. Thomas Dobbs.  

In the spirit of the Biden administration‘s proposal to go door to door tracking your personal health decisions and pressuring you into doing what they tell you to do, Dr. Dobbs has decided that if you question his medical superiority, you are nothing more than an “anti-science nazi”  or “excuse monkey”.  

In a round table Zoom call last week, Dr. Dobbs wasted no time letting all of us know that “if enough Mississippians can’t make the right decision and get immunized, then we’ll have to do the draconian measures to keep the health system operational”. 

During this hour long diatribe we were told, “You want your freedom, get vaccinated, and you’ll get your freedom back“. The discussions went on about forcing our children to wear masks when school starts back, unless they’re vaccinated, and now we see organizations like UMMC, along with other hospitals and nursing homes threatening termination for employees who don’t comply with health department recommendations. 

Never mind that none of the Covid vaccines have received proper vetting or FDA approval, and according to federal law, and in light of the Nuremberg trials that followed Nazi Germany‘s fall, it is illegal to mandate an experimental or emergency use drug or vaccine.

Dr. Dobbs and the Mississippi Department of Health do not grant the people of Mississippi our rights and freedoms. We do not answer to Dr. Dobbs, he answers to the people of Mississippi. 

When an employee of the people of the Great State of Mississippi expresses such disdain and disrespect for his employer it is time for him to move on to another job. The people of Mississippi should not be subjected to a public employee calling them “monkeys” or “nazis”. 

It is time that we the people stand up and remind the bureaucrats and politicians that they are not the author or grantors of our freedom. In Dobbs’ half-hearted apology he still called any Mississippian who thinks differently than him “disillusioned people”.

The Mississippi Freedom Caucus and the people of Mississippi ask Governor Reeves to immediately remove Dr. Dobbs from his position and replace him with a professional who respects the people of our state.

Click here and join the Mississippi Freedom Caucus calling for Governor Reeves to, FIRE DOBBS NOW!