Why are you paying for gender reassignment surgery for children?

In a recent article published by Y’all Politics, Mississippians discovered that the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), a state owned and funded hospital, is using our money to promote gender reassignment surgery.

You read that correctly, you, the taxpayers of Mississippi, are paying for children to receive hormone therapy and for mutilation of children.

TAKE ACTION! Stop funding UMMC’s woke agenda

The  UMMC’s Center for Gender and Sexual Minority Health co-directors Doctors Alex Mills and Scott Rodgers were hired by UMMC to force the people of Mississippi to financially support the “woke” garbage they push on innocent children.

In the website promoting the TEAM, Trustworthy, Evidence-based, Affirming, and Multidisciplinary Clinic, they state that anyone over the age of 13 can make an appointment with the clinic. 

Yall politics reports that, 

“Mississippi lawmakers appropriated $177 million of state tax dollars to support the University of Mississippi Medical Center during the 2022 legislative session, an increase of over $16 million from the previous fiscal year.”

The question is, do you want your money spent by these woke doctors to mutilate children in Mississippi or do you want them fired and sent home?

Tell your elected representatives to stop funding UMMC if they refuse to shut down the Center for Gender and Sexual Minority Health.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Tell your senator and representative to stop funding the woke agenda.