Support HCR-23 – Take a Stand for our Rights and Freedoms

The Citizens of Mississippi have spoken and today the Mississippi House of Representatives’ listened. House Concurrent Resolution 23, declaring Mississippi a Sanctuary for the Bill of Rights passed the Rules Committee and will soon be voted on by the entire House of Representatives.

Hundreds of citizens have emailed and called their legislators over the past weeks encouraging them to take a stand for our rights and freedoms. Now it is time to dial-up the pressure to ensure this important resolution passes the House of Reprentatives and the Senate.

Complete the form below and send an email to every Representative and Senator asking them to defend the rights of every citizens in Mississippi by passing this resolution.

Dear Gov. Reeves, Lt. Gov. Hosemann, Senators and Representatives;

On March 23 the Mississippi House of Representatives’ Rules Committee passed HCR-23 declaring Mississippi a Sanctuary for the Bill of Rights. I want to encourage you to help pass this resolution and take a stand for the rights and freedoms of the people of Mississippi. Our Bill of Rights are important to every citizens and I want our state to lead the way defending our rights.

For Freedom,