Lessons Learned from Election

It has taken me a couple of days to evaluate Tuesday’s election. In many ways, it was disappointing for conservatives because we were expecting a red wave and we only got a red splash. 

Honestly, I spent most of Wednesday morning somewhat depressed and working on my family’s financial plan that protects us from a socialist/communist regime. But I came across a Facebook post from the late-great Rush Limbaugh that helped me get out of the doldrum of despair.

Rush reminded me, “It is never time to panic. It is never time to give up on America!” 

Rush is right. It also drew me to some of the lessons I learned from George Washington. I read a lot about Washington, his refusal to give up when everything was stacked against him inspires me to keep moving. Washington spent 8 long years leading a war against an unbeatable foe with an inadequate army, a newly formed nation that had no money and a congress who actively sought to replace him for political reasons.

But Washington never gave up, he never quit and he always remained civil, determined and sure of his direction.

This country is too good, too important to the world, and its survival is too important to our children and grandchildren’s future. Even if the majority of our fellow citizens don’t understand its importance, we do not have the luxury of giving up. We cannot stop, we cannot quit.

If quitting is not an option, then we must lick our wounds, stand up again and evaluate what happened in Tuesday’s election.

The people of Hernando, MS overwhelmingly killed a tax increase that had been proposed by the Mayor and Aldermen of their city. The local politicians called in all their favors from surrounding politicians in an attempt to discredit and belittle anyone who opposed their liberal tax and spending policy, but the people saw through their lies and killed the tax increase.

The Lesson: There is still hope that citizens can and will go to the polls and demand conservative policy.

If you plan to challenge the liberal policies, you had better be a real challenge. Citizens will not waste their time on Liberal light or RINO candidates. Dr. Oz lost to an invalid, but Oz was not a conservative. He was simply not a socialist/communist, but even that wasn’t enough for folks to care. On the other hand, DeSantis easily won in Florida because he enacted and promoted real conservative policies. He does not speak the establishment double-talk, he actually enacts conservative policy.  Mitch McConnell said “people will vote for us simply because we are not democrats”.  He was wrong.  Citizens expect politicians to actually have a plan, to believe in something.  

The Lesson: Citizens will turn out and vote for conservative candidates if they are true and real. Not simply because they aren’t the other side.

There is reason to be hopeful.  

It is likely Republicans have gained control of the House of Representatives, which means the House Freedom Caucus has an opportunity to move our nation in a positive, conservative direction.   The House Freedom Caucus has been the voice for positive change in our nation, since its creation by Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan and now has the opportunity to make substantive changes to fight Biden’s socialist agenda.

If you are dependent on your 401K or other investments, then you should be concerned. If you understand the history of the world and know that communism and socialism mean death to a nation and millions of people suffering, then you should be concerned.  If you believe in freedom and liberty to live your life and worship God is important, then you should be concerned.

But, like Washington, you also understand that a nation based on freedom and liberty, a nation based on capitalism, is worth fighting for. It is worth whatever sacrifice we must make to leave our children and grandchildren a nation where they can succeed.

Remember, “It is never time to give up on America!”