Large Turn-Out for Freedom

Last night the Mississippi Freedom Caucus and American’s for Prosperity-Mississippi hosted a dinner, inviting patriots from around the state to honor veterans and discuss how to preserve the freedoms and liberties our veterans fought to uphold.

The Gin in Nesbit was standing room only with over 300 patriots from around the state of Mississippi in attendance. The evening was kicked-off by John Williams where he challenged everyone to get involved and hold their government officials accountable.

Then each member of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus discussed different aspects of state government and how everyone there could be a part of the solution for Mississippi. Rep. Brady Williamson, a veteran and Major in the Mississippi National Guard lead the crowd as we honored those who have served our country to keep our nation free.

Chairman Steve Hopkins announced that board members of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus will be traveling to Atlanta in December to finalize plans for a joint venture with the U.S. House Freedom Caucus. As the Mississippi Freedom Caucus grows in numbers and influence this alliance will bring additional resources to our state as we fight for our constitutional rights and liberties.

The evening concluded with members of the Freedom Caucus answering questions as each member promised to be “brutally honest” in their replies.

Members of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus are always available to attend events anywhere in our state. We love talking about our liberties and freedoms and we especially love meeting fellow patriots who are ready to defend our rights.