It’s not personal – It’s about principles

The Mississippi Freedom Caucus (MFC) often comes under fire, even in our own Republican party. Recently, an establishment-picked-candidate said not to trust us or any of our endorsed candidates running this year. We understand during an election year, the establishment will say and do anything they can to keep true conservatives out of office, but we thought we’d explain what we stand for. We understand that not all conservatives agree on everything, and certainly other “Republicans” don’t agree with some of our principles. But we are a principle-based organization of Republican Legislators, so when other elected officials come out against the MFC, it’s not because of personalities, but because of principles.  

Our basic principles are founded on Individual Liberty, Free Markets, Limited Government, and Minimal Taxation. 

As a matter of fact, our beliefs are very much in line with our Mississippi Republican Party’s own platform

We believe that people, not government, know best how to spend their own money. When people keep more of their hard-earned money, jobs and economic growth will flourish in the free market system. We support the reduction of the tax burden on our citizens. We believe our tax burden is too high, our tax code is too complicated, and our tax system is inefficient. Government must be open in proceedings and accountable for the use of tax dollars. We believe in the traditional, conservative values that America was founded upon.  

During the session we kept a vote tracker so that anyone could see how we rate bills and why we vote the way we do. We tie every bill analysis back to our principles. So again, when someone attacks our caucus because of our votes, they aren’t attacking us for our personalities, but our principles. Principles which align with the constitution and our Republican party. So, one has to ask themselves, if someone is attacking the Freedom Caucus based on our principles, what principle exactly is it that they don’t agree with? Freedom? Liberty? Limited governments and minimal taxation? Maybe all of those principles?  

The Mississippi Freedom Caucus is aligned with and developed from the ideals of the House Freedom Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. They are the only conservatives currently fighting in D.C. for sensible fiscal responsibility and to stop the Biden Administration’s out of control spending. They are the only true conservatives willing to buck the status quo in D.C. and actually fight against the swamp.  

There will always be people who think they are conservatives, and call themselves Republicans, but philosophically disagree with our principles and side more with the Democrats. But our principles are worth standing up for and we won’t back down. Our principles are the only ones that can save our state and country, and they are worth fighting for.