Freedom Caucus Endorsements

We’ve all heard the saying, “Elections have Consequences” and Mississippians can attest to the validity of that statement. Within the past few years, we have witnessed our state government transition from Democrat Party-control to a Republican Party-controlled government.  

Within the first few years, great strides were made to change the direction of our state, but as time passed, our elected Republican leadership has slowly moved away from our Republican principles and toward the old policies that drove our state into last place both educationally and economically.

The Mississippi Freedom Caucus was formed by legislators who were determined to stop the slide back into the failed Democrat-party policies of the past and restart our advancement into a prosperous future.

To accomplish this goal of more freedom and a better economy, we must elect patriots who are willing to stand and fight for our principles and ideals.  The Mississippi Freedom Caucus has spent the past several months interviewing candidates.  We have met with many individuals who are seeking office and asked them to complete a lengthy questionnaire and attend candidate training classes.  

After months of rigorous examination, we are announcing our endorsements of candidates seeking election to the Mississippi Legislature.  Each endorsed candidate has met our requirements and, once elected, will become a member of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus. 

The Mississippi Freedom Caucus only endorses candidates seeking election to the Mississippi House of Representatives and Senate because we are a caucus of legislators.  While we may support candidates for other positions, like Lt. Governor, we do not officially endorse these candidates. One exception to that applies to members of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus seeking other positions.  We are officially endorsing Chris Brown for Public Service Commissioner.  Chris served twelve years in the Mississippi Legislature and was a founding member of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus.

  1. Lauren Smith -Senate District 6
  2. Ricky Caldwell -Senate District 9
  3. Alan Sibley -Senate District 15
  4. Walter Hopper -Senate District 19
  5. Jamey Goodkind-House District 7
  6. John T. Williams -House District 28
  7. Chris Brown -Northern District Public Service Commissioner