Help Set 2023 Legislative Goals

The 2023 legislative session is quickly approaching, which means its time for the Mississippi Freedom Caucus to set our legislative goals. Earlier this year, the Caucus officers traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with State Freedom Caucus Network officials and members of the House Freedom Caucus to discuss issues that affect our nation and our state.

We have identified several important areas that we believe need  to be addressed by the Mississippi Legislature, but we need your opinion and your help.  The Mississippi Freedom Caucus is the only organized group of conservative legislators in Mississippi and our goal is to serve the people of Mississippi by sponsoring and supporting legislation that moves our state in a conservative direction.

Our identified goals are;

  • Make Mississippi a sanctuary for life by introducing legislation to remove any unnecessary obstacles for families that want to adopt and foster children. (Sanctuary for Life)
  • Bring Educational Freedom to Mississippi through comprehensive legislation that allows money to follow the student, including private and home school options, expands and strengthens Mississippi’s existing charter school laws, and ensures that parents have full transparency in what is  being taught in their children’s classrooms. (Educational Freedom)
  • The Mississippi Freedom Caucus will only support spending on core functions of government. We will actively seek to amend or defeat legislation that does not make the necessary reforms to ensure that people’s money is not being wasted. (Oppose Wasteful Spending)
  • Finish the cleanup of Mississippi’s voter rolls and make any additional changes needed to make our state’s elections secure. (Secure Elections)
  • Oppose any legislation or money that comes from the Biden-Pelosi-Cornyn gun control bill. We also call upon our Attorney General and Governor to reject any funding or impositions on our state sovereignty that come from this assault on our Second Amendment Rights. (Oppose Gun Control)
  • Mississippi must ban its pension funds from being invested by companies that rely on woke Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics that prize adherence to leftist ideology over the maximum return for taxpayers. (Oppose ESG)
  • We will oppose any attempts to expand Medicaid to provide able-bodied-adults welfare or free healthcare. (Oppose Medicaid Expansion)