Attorney General Fitch – Stop Woke ESG Agenda

Attorney General Fitch,

The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) is in the news again, this time because it was caught investing money from public settlements in ESG investments that “destroy shareholder value in pursuit of faddish ideological aims, often without proper disclosure to investors.”

You are on the NAAG Executive Committee.  But these ESG investments only came to light because your new conservative colleague, Attorney General Kris Kobach of Kansas, demanded to know what NAAG was doing with the millions it has amassed from public enforcement settlements.

If NAAG is investing in left-wing ESG campaigns behind your back, what else are they doing without your knowledge?  What else is out of your control at NAAG?  What else is the left-wing career staff in Washington, D.C. doing in conjunction with NAAG leadership from places like Oregon, New York, and Connecticut?

We warned you before about NAAG, the millions they have amassed that should have gone into the Mississippi General Fund, their leftward drift, and their financial mismanagement.  We told you it was time to “quit this left-wing organization and bring home the money sitting at NAAG that belongs in the hands of the Mississippi state government and Magnolia State taxpayers.”  Now we find out the situation is worse than we knew.

This time has come for you to act.  The charade of reforming NAAG from the inside is over.  NAAG has rewarded your continued engagement by deploying our state’s resources into left-wing ESG investments that fly in the face of our values. And they have done it right under your nose.

It is time for you to quit NAAG and take legal action to protect our public money.  It is obvious to everyone that the time for legal recourse is coming; it is time for you to stop being on the sidelines, hew to your conservative principles, withdraw from NAAG, and bring our millions home, no matter what it takes.

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