Take Action! – Ask Governor to Declare Mississippi a Bill of Rights Sanctuary State

Dear Governor Reeves, Senators and Representatives,

The recent election of Joe Biden and Kamal Harris as president and vice president of the United States is disturbing to many of the citizens of Mississippi. We have watched both Biden and Harris promote ideas that are a threat to the God-given freedoms our constitution protects. 

In recent weeks we have witnessed social media giants and big tech corporations work hand-in-hand with large media outlets and government officials to silence any voice that varies from their preferred political view. We have seen companies cancel contracts and refuse to sell items because they disagree with the political views of a CEO, and we have watched as leaders in our federal government have called for sanctions and removal from office any elected official who disagreed with their political ideas.

Our country and our state has reached a crossroads where liberty and tyranny meet, we choose liberty and are asking you to lead the way.

The citizens of Mississippi are proposing the state of Mississippi declare itself a Sanctuary for the Bill of Rights. 

The first ten amendments to our constitution are vitally important to our liberty and freedom. Our country is unique to any country because we actively pursue freedom of speech, religion, and of the press, and we ensure the right of every citizen to defend and protect their life by securing their right to keep and bear arms.

This declaration will tell the world that we will always defend our God-given rights. 

We ask you to support and ensure passage of HCR 23, declaring Mississippi a Bill of Rights Sanctuary State. It is vitally important that every political leader in our state proclaim their commitment to protecting our basic rights and freedoms as outline in the Bill of Rights.

This resolution is also important as a statement directed to our State Attorney General giving her a mandate from the people of Mississippi to fight any and all federal advances on our freedoms. 

Thank you for your time and for your commitment to defending the freedom and liberty of the people of Mississippi. Please support HCR 23.

For Freedom,

Bill of Rights Sanctuary