Sign the Petition: Stop Out-of-Control Executive Powers

We all remember when, under the guise of “public health”, government officials ruined businesses, closed churches, and tried to control your life.  Our governor declared many small mom and pop businesses “non-essential”, destroying their life’s work and their lives.. Now we see the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) attempting to expand the power of government even more so that when they devise the next “emergency”, government officials can take more control of your life.

The Mississippi Freedom Caucus has joined others across the nation in demanding this attempt be stopped! If government power is expanded across our nation, our constitutionally protected God-given rights will be lost. Governors and local politicians love the ability to control your life, but they must be stopped before it is too late.

We need you to join us and put a swift end to this overt attempt to destroy the freedom and liberty that we enjoy.

Sign the petition and join the fight!

Below is a copy of the joint statement signed by 11 Freedom Caucus chairs across our nation.   Add your name to this statement so we can deliver this to every Mississippi State Representative and Senator demanding they limit the emergency authority of the Governor and protect your rights.

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