Congratulations, You Made a Difference

Last week, the Mississippi Freedom Caucus published an Action Center Alert asking Mississippians to contact state treasurer David McRae about ESG investments.

In that publication written by Freedom Caucus Steering Committee member John Williams, we learned that,

“ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, and, generally, it means that a company’s first concern should no longer be how much money it makes, but rather how much social good it does. In other words, “woke investing.”

John concluded his article by stating, 

“In 1776, we fought a revolution, not between Republicans and Democrats, but between the idea of a system of citizens engaging in self-governance versus a system of enlightened elites deciding behind closed doors what’s best for society at large.  ESG is the 21st century embodiment of everything we fought against in 1776 and a precursor to Marxism.”  

Through the Mississippi Freedom Caucus Action Center,  you took action and contacted state treasurer David McRae.  You emailed him asking that he follow the lead of other state treasurers and withdraw any money the state of Mississippi has invested in companies who follow ESG investment strategies.

McRae listened! 

On Friday, Mississippi State Treasurer McRae released a statement opposing any ESG standards. In his statement he says,

I remain strongly opposed to the ESG movement and will do all I can to protect Mississippi from its impact,” 

Read McRae’s full statement.

Thank you for taking a stand and voicing your opinion. You made a difference, you have a voice in your government and by your actions Mississippi has taken a stand against ESG investment practices.

The goal of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus is to give you that voice, to help you exercise your rights and make your opinions and wishes known.

You won! Mississippi is a better state because of your actions.