Buying Votes with Other Peoples Money

A few years ago, I believed the current policy makers were trying to buy votes. Today I am certain they are pursuing destruction of all that is good in our nation. “Student debt forgiveness” is a prime example. This Administration is fostering a weak and lazy generation that views hard work and determination in pursuit of success and family as foolishness.

Some risk their lives serving in the military for a few years to fund their children’s education. Some earn money to put themselves and their children through college to earn degrees that have value. Some work two or three jobs while in school. Some wise parents and grandparents set a little aside for the future education of their children. Some bypass a college education to go straight to work in occupations that not only pay well but are in high demand across the country. None of those groups matter to this Administration. Their hard work, wise decisions, avoidance of debt, or repayment of their own debt is all now going to fund those who expect someone else to satisfy the terms of an agreement they had no part in. Groups making decisions that should be encouraged are penalized. Groups that made bad financial decisions are being propped up.

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In my house, that would be called bad parenting, and would lead to entitled, dependent children, who cannot stand on their own two feet. But in the White House it’s called caring for those in need. There is a reason they are in need, and there is a reason why there is a growing number of our population that are dependent on government instead of their God-given abilities, their families, their churches, and the sweat of their brow. Debt was not an option for me during college, nor was begging for my family’s financial support. I look back and thank God for it. During college, I literally shoveled horse manure in a barn, cut the grass of many homes and businesses, served food and cleaned dishes. I thoroughly enjoyed the work almost as much as I enjoyed the people I worked for, and I am a better person for it. I lived cheaply and worked hard, somehow managed to get a degree in Accounting, the basics of which made sense to me. Graduating with no debt also made sense to me. 

So, yes, this Administration is buying votes. In fact, I’d put my money (not your money) on them buying their way out of office through these decisions. 

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Brady Williamson, Vice-Chairman Mississippi Freedom Caucus
Brady Williamson, Vice-Chairman Mississippi Freedom Caucus

Brady Williamson is a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives, representing District 10 serving much of Panola and Lafayette Counties. He assumed office on January 7, 2020. 
He is working to gain your support for his second term.  Primary election August 8, 2023. General Election Nov 7, 2023 
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