2022 Year in Review

It has always been the goal of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus (MFC) to promote the ideals of individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise within the state of Mississippi; but more importantly, we want to keep Mississippians informed of what is going on in Jackson and DC. We also want to provide an avenue for action, so that everyday Mississippians, just like you, can have their voices be heard.  

The MFC had a great year in 2022 and we attribute it all to YOU, our supporters, and activists. We could not have done it without YOU.  

We wanted to provide a summary of 2022 and the amazing work that the MFC has been able to accomplish with you by our side: 

68 email messages were sent to our email followers, accounting for nearly 3.6 million individual emails and over 13,000 text messages sent to Mississippians, in order to keep you informed.

  • 9 action campaigns, accounting for over 5,600 citizen actions, were completed this year, including those to STOP: Eminent Domain, ESGs, Red Flag Gun Confiscation, Back-Door Deals, and Gender Reassignment Therapy on Children.
  • 16 Freedom Corner Podcasts were produced this year during the 2022 legislative session, bringing you the latest news from under the dome, accounting for nearly 50,000 downloads.
  • 15 candidates and potential future MFC members interested in running for office in 2023 attended a MFC candidate training course in November.

There were many major legislative accomplishments for the MFC in 2022, the first of which was the defeat of a senate bill that would create a quasi-governmental entity with the authority to issue bonds, assess fees, and take property through eminent domain. Then MFC Chairman Steve Hopkins went on the nationally syndicated Glenn Beck Program to discuss the bill. Through the efforts of our activists, almost 1,000 emails were sent to House members, prompting the committee chairman handling the bill to announce on the House floor that the bill was “dead, dead, dead.”  

After the 2022 legislative session concluded, the MFC elected new leadership consisting of Dana Criswell (Chairman), Brady Williamson (Vice-Chairman), and Dan Eubanks, (Secretary/Treasurer) to lead the MFC in 2023. 

We have big plans for 2023 and hope that you will continue to fight along with us. Our success is ONLY because of your actions and your support. If you are a donor to the MFC we thank you for your support and for protecting our conservative values in Mississippi. If you aren’t a donor, please consider giving to the MFC so that we can continue to fight for your rights and freedoms.

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We have a plan to keep Mississippi on track.

America is falling apart before our eyes. 

Inflation is nuking the economy.

The stock market and 401ks are crumbling to pieces before our eyes.

Families are concerned about how they are going to pay bills, fill their gas tanks, and  provide food for their families. Does this sound like America? 

In Mississippi we must protect ourselves from Biden and the Democrat’s far-left agenda.

Here’s our plan:

Secures our Elections

Oppose Gun Control

Oppose Wasteful Spending

Make Mississippi a Sanctuary for Life

Oppose ESG

Oppose Expansion of Welfare to Able-Bodied Adults

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